Walking: A Powerful Tool For Success

Apr 21st, 2015

Category: Zone Tips

Walking: A Powerful Tool For Success

-Walking has many benefits that include fat loss, muscle recovery, and stress reduction
-Walking can clear your mind and give you mental clarity that leads to many other benefits such as focus and enhanced sleep
-Combine walking with great eating habits and a strength training program and you are clicking on all cylinders


Walking has been a staple to the world since humans first set foot on the Earth.  It is something that we do everyday by habit and need.  So it is no surprise that it is very valuable but not many understand or take advantage of the benefits that it can have on even the most elite athlete.


Walking is very low impact on the joints and nervous system.  This is a huge benefit to anybody who trains hard in the weightroom. The increased blood flow and light stimulus can help to recover the muscles and help calm the nervous system which leads to quicker recovery to achieve quicker gains.


Not only does walking have the amazing benefits just mentioned, but when added at the right time of day can be a big benefit to fat loss.  Since walking is so low impact and requires minimal effort it is easy to tap into fat stores.  The best time of day to take advantage of this is when insulin levels are low and typically first thing in the morning on an empty stomach can do wonders.  30 min to get the day started can you leave you feeling refreshed, motivated, and ahead of the game in the fat burning process.


Summary and tips:

-Don’t under estimate the power of walking.  It can make your recovery in between workouts quicker, reduce stress, relax the nervous system and help tap into fat cells
-Try 3x a week in the morning on an empty stomach for 30 min.  Increase as the weeks progress and stop at around 45 min to an hour
-Walking doesn’t have to be done on an empty stomach or first thing in the morning.  These benefits are always good and can be applied throughout the day