Private Training

ZoneAP’s private training is for anybody looking for individualized programs that are customized to their goals and individual needs.  Each member will be given an assessment to determine imbalances, strengths and weaknesses, and a custom nutrition plan to reach their goals.


ZoneAP offers various levels of private coaching to fit the needs, schedule and budget of everyone.


Our specialty programs include:

 – Muscle Building

 – Fat Loss

 – Youth Athlete Development

 – Advanced Youth Athlete Speed and Power

 – NFL Combine Prep

 – NFL, NHL, & MLB Off-Season Training



Why choose ZoneAP’s private training?

 – A chance to work with Zone’s elite level coaches who also train our top level professional athletes

 – A detailed blueprint of your goals and how we are going to achieve them

 – Nutrition guidelines

 – Accountability to reaching your goals

 – Supplementation protocols

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