Make A Plan

Jan 17th, 2015

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Make A Plan

The New Year always brings about people setting goals and attacking with reckless abandonment.  The intentions are great, but the most common outcome is defeat.  This can take you right down the path that you ran hard and fast from just a few weeks ago.  There is a very simple solution to this common disaster, make a plan to get where you want to go.


The truth is that you didn’t reach your goals because you aren’t good enough or weren’t made to be strong and healthy.  It’s because you weren’t executing a plan of success.  In all reality you executed exactly as your plan was set up, to fail.


I hear it over and over again, these plans that self destruct. Burn 1000 calories a day, run 5 miles, eat 0 carbs, do the latest hollywood detox, none of that sounds like you want live a healthy life and feel great while doing so.  How long can you sustain doing these type things?  If only for a few weeks then why even bother begin them?


So here you are back at square one and couple that with a defeated morale. This is where you have to start looking at the big picture to breed the results that will last.


Goals without plans
You have to get on a realistic training program, don’t just exercise daily with no end in sight.  Anything that lasts usually has one common trait, it’s balanced.  Maybe you are a runner, learn to train with weights to benefit your runs and minimize injuries.  If you are a power athlete then learn to use conditioning to benefit your health and ability to recover.


Crossfit has done a great job of intermingling many different aspects of the fitness and performance industry, I may not agree with the overall scheme of Crossfit but they are cross-training and that’s why athletes possess the bodies they do. These type of athletes are the ones who are stronger, better looking, and in better shape than the guy or girl or runs up and down the road all day or the one who just sits at a bench press for an hour.  Again, the moral of the story is balance.  They take a lot of different aspects of fitness and become good at a lot of them.  That formula tends to work wonders on most people.


Find a coach or a program that you can invest into.  Even if you can’t afford it forever, the knowledge and principals are going to be the best investment of your life. Take note of how to to do the basics, get strong and get in the best shape of your life.

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