Fat Loss Financing

Feb 17th, 2015

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Fat Loss Financing

Whenever I start with a new client I tell them to think of their body as a bank account.  As a whole people tend to understand money and financial well being, and achieving success with your health and fitness can be just as easy. The more money you have saved up, the more you can afford to splurge a little. If you’re in debt, you have to tighten your budget and save every penny to get yourself out of financial crisis.  Fat loss should be thought of the same way.


If you’re lean and your fitness level is high, you can afford to eat some junk every now and then.  If you’re on the other end of the fitness spectrum, you are in fitness debt and can’t afford to have that cheat meal yet. Think of your fat loss goal as dollars and it might finally start making sense! Every day you do the things necessary (working out, eating healthy, getting a good nights sleep) to get you closer to your goal, it’s like putting money into your fitness bank account.  Any day you do something negative (no activity, mess up on your diet, sleep poorly), it’s like taking money out of your fitness bank account. Here is a simple scenario to put things into perspective.


b7061237671a6ca6e7f10ea23be5dcd0_mLet’s say for every 10 lbs. of fat you want to lose it’s the equivalent of (-1000$). Every day you do all the things necessary to get you closer to your goal, it’s the equivalent of (+25$). Any time you mess up it’s the equivalent of (-50$). So if you wanted to lose 10lbs of fat and did everything right it would take you 40 days to accomplish your goal and achieve an account balance of $0.  To show you the impact of a cheat days on the time it will take to achieve your goal. It’s common for most people to do all the right things five days out of the week, but lose focus and slip up on the weekends. Applying two cheat days per week to this scenario, it will take 93 days to achieve the same goal and an account balance of $0. More than double the time to achieve the same goal, just for getting a little loose on the weekends.


This is why most people that are new to fitness get discouraged. The results just don’t appear to be happening fast enough for the amount of effort put in. You have earn those cheat days! If your fitness bank account is in the negative, you’ve obviously had more than your share of cheat days. So focus on your goal and be diligent in building your fitness bank account.  Soon you’ll have the results you want and the ability to splurge every now and then!

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