Professional Athlete Off-Season Training

Matt Kemp
San Diego Padres

“I’ve been to API, many other facilities, and even lifted on my own. This program is a strength program which has probably gotten me in the best shape of my life.”

Raffi Torres
San Jose Sharks

During last years NHL lockout Raffi trusted Zone for strength & conditioning training while waiting for the season to begin. Zone is now the home for Raffi’s off-season training.

Rashad Johnson
Arizona Cardinals

“They do everything for you here; they plan your diets, they help you eat right, they motivate you to take it to the next level and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be in the position I am now.”

Adrian Wilson
5x NFL Pro Bowler

“Zone works, the program works; If you want to invest in your body and invest in your career it’s probably one of the better investments you will make in your lifetime.”

Lane Johnson
Philadelphia Eagles

There’s quite a bit of pressure going into your first season when you’re the 4th overall pick. That’s exactly why former Oklahoma Sooner chose Zone for his pre-season training.

When you’re a professional athlete, your body is your tool. Your stats are your resume, and an injury can end your career. In today’s hyper-competitive sports world, your performance today and tomorrow is all that matters. lane-johnson-off-season-trainingZone offers exclusive, comprehensive, individualized programs for athletes in every sport to bring them to peak performance levels. Zone isn’t a day spa or luxury resort—if that’s what you’re looking for Zone isn’t the place for you.

If you’re looking for a program tailored to your specific needs and goals…a program that starts with you where you’re at, not where you want to be…a program that takes any current injuries into account, and actively works to prevent future injuries…a program where you’re not just one of the cattle being run through the chute…then Zone can offer you that kind of program.

matt-kemp-los-angeles-dodgerThe professional training philosophy at Zone is simple. Rather than having large classes or training groups, Zone only accepts a small number of highly dedicated and motivated athletes. Each athlete who comes to Zone receives a thorough multidimensional assessment that is used to plan an individualized program tailored to maximize that athlete’s development and performance.


Zone offers an elite off-season training program for professional athletes at a fraction of the cost of other, more luxurious spa-type programs. Zone’s Specialists are focused on training and provide either 1-on-1 or very small group sessions. This focus on individuals or small groups means that availability is always limited. We do this by design, so that our staff can focus on truly improving the performance of a few motivated clients rather than just holding classes for the masses.

Off-Season Program Concentrations

Muscle and structural imbalances degrade performance and can cause injuries. Assessing an athlete’s imbalances and areas of weakness is the critical first step in correcting these imbalances and turning them into strengths.Knowing an athlete’s current status allows our staff to create a training program that specifically targets these problem areas, and has the added benefit of having our clients feel the best they possibly can throughout their training program at Zone.

The tissue quality of muscles, tendons and ligaments is frequently overlooked in the strength and conditioning industry. Zone’s Performance Specialists work closely with our Licensed Massage Therapist and Chiropractor/ART Specialist to break down scar tissue and help prevent the buildup of adhesions within the tissues themselves that can limit motion and reaction times. This approach improves the sliding surfaces of the muscles, resulting in better recovery and performance on and off the field. Advanced stretching techniques such as PNF and band stretching are used to rehabilitate areas of joint restriction and restore the full functional range of motion.

At Zone, our strength and conditioning program is the heart and soul of our training. Our Specialists focus on building the best athlete possible from the foundation up. Our performance coaches utilize state of the art methods and a wide variety of strength and conditioning tools to make the athlete the most well rounded physical specimen that he or she has ever been.

Nutrition is key to achieving greatness in an athletic career. At Zone we use an integrated approach that ensures an athlete is properly fueled to perform at the highest level. We also use proper recovery strategies to ensure the athlete can continue to make progress throughout his or her program of intensive training. Our Specialists provide knowledge of appropriate nutrition to the athlete so he or she can continue to make strides in their career without the assistance of a nutrition coach.


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